Hockey Sticks with the proper flex for young players


Does your stick meet the Rule of Flex?


It's pretty simple...  All Hockey Players should be using a stick with a Flex Rating that equals less than 50% of your their body weight.


Let's use logic...  NHL Players use sticks that are 85-110 flex.  Most NHL Players are 190-220 lbs. That makes sense.

So why would kids aged 5-12 weighing 40-100 lbs use a Junior Stick (50 Flex) and then cut 4-8 Inches off making it more like a 60-70-80 flex stick?   That doesn't make sense at all.

The Raven system of junior hockey sticks are designed & built specifically for young players... 

Kids deserve to have the same Flex & Feel that the pros get, and that's why young players should use our color-coded Raven system of sticks (20/30/40/50) so they can learn to shoot properly & LET IT FLY! 


Our Sticks:


This is where you start!  EDGE 20 should be your first Junior stick.  47" long and ready for you to


At 52" long, the EDGE 30 is the perfect mid-sized Junior stick.


At 56" the EDGE 40 is a full length Jr. stick, with a lower flex, which helps to meet the Rule of Flex. Perfect for any player under 100 lbs.


EDGE 50 is a hybrid stick & the longest junior stick on the market.  At 60" it fills the large gap between Junior & Intermediate sticks for players under 120 lbs.

Where to buy:

I just got my new Raven 40 Stick from my grandpa today and WOW….I LOVE it! I noticed the difference right away. My shots are way more powerful! Thanks for making a great new stick for kids! Watch out goalies..
— Levi Lang, Centre #10 Lethbridge, Alberta
I have just recently purchased a Raven stick for my 8 year old and all I can say is “Thank You”. The 20 flex is exactly what he needed!! Great job on creating a “tweener” stick for all those kids trying to make the jump from a youth to a junior.
— Erick Euverman – Langley, BC

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There's a Raven stick for every player