Raven EDGE 50 - Final Sale

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  • 60” stick length (intermediate)
  • 50 Flex
  • Kane C88 or Backstrom C19
  • Int. Shaft – 3K Carbon
  • Int. Blade – 25X Blackmond Carbon
  • 360g
  • 60 Day Warranty
  • Perfect for players under 110lbs.

The EDGE® 50 by Raven Hockey is the only true Junior/Intermediate hybrid, at 60 inches the EDGE® 50 is longer than a standard Junior stick and has a lower flex rating than any intermediate stick on the market, a perfect fit for any player under 5’7″ and under 110 lbs.

The EDGE® 50 has been built with unique shaft diameter. It is thicker than a Junior shaft and thinner than an Intermediate stick. The hybrid-sized shaft allows players to use a gradually bigger shaft instead of making the big jump to intermediate.

The EDGE® 50 is the only stick in hockey with a flex low enough to correctly fit players who weigh less than 110 pounds, and the length is right too. Built to pro-specs with a dual-core 25X carbon blade and a 60-day warranty the Raven EDGE 50 is a true Junior/Intermediate hybrid.