Raven EDGE 30 - Final Sale

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  • 52” stick length
  • 30 Flex
  • Kane C88 or Backstrom C19
  • Jr. Shaft – 3K Carbon
  • Jr. Blade – 25X Blackmond Carbon
  • 300g
  • 60 Day Warranty
  • Perfect for players under 70lbs.

The EDGE® 30 by Raven Hockey is a Junior/Youth hybrid designed for players under 70 lbs. The most commanding feature of the EDGE® 30 is the low flex rating of 30, appropriate for the height and weight of most youth hockey players..

Most youth sticks have a shaft too narrow to allow for correct puck control and cutting inches off a typical junior stick will increase the stiffness negatively affecting passing and shooting.

The EDGE® 30 is the only stick in hockey with a flex low enough to correctly fit players who weigh less than 70 pounds. All this with a 60-day warranty.