Thank you for support of Raven Hockey, we have enjoyed transforming the youth/junior hockey market with the world's first 20 and 30 flex junior sticks, the world's lightest junior stick and a line of sticks that accurately fit growing players under 100lbs. 
Due to supply chain constraints and a partnership with Tovi Hockey we are no longer offering a warranty with Raven sticks.  All of our sticks continue to be on sale and are the best value for a low flex junior stick.  Our sticks are durable however nothing is indestructible, often Raven sticks are broken in the dressing room by someone impressed with the light weight and the flexibility... this will often lead to 'showing' the flex off until it snaps in half.  We are confident that you will enjoy your Raven stick and it will be the best Cost-to-Goal ratio you can buy.


Keep your stick on the ice and play hard until the buzzer!


Team Raven