Hockey Sticks with the proper flex for young players


Does your stick meet the Rule of Flex?


It's pretty simple...  All Hockey Players should be using a stick with a Flex Rating that equals less than 50% of your their body weight.

Let's use logic...  NHL Players use sticks that are 85-110 flex.  Most NHL Players are 190-220 lbs. That makes sense.

So why would kids aged 5-12 weighing 40-100 lbs use a Junior Stick (50 Flex) and then cut 4-8 Inches off making it more like a 60-70-80 flex stick?   That doesn't make sense at all.

The Raven FLEX System of sticks are Designed & Built specifically for kids... 

Kids deserve to have the same Flex & Feel that the pros get, and that's why kids should use our color-coded Raven FLEX System of sticks (20/30/40/50) so they can learn to shoot properly & LET IT FLY! 


Our Sticks:


This is where you start!  FLEX 20 should be your first Junior stick.  47" long and ready for you to


The perfect Atom stick.
At 52" long, the FLEX 30 is the perfect mid-sized Junior stick.


The Peewee weapon!  
At 56" the FLEX 40 is a full length Jr. stick, with a lower flex, which helps to meet the Rule of Flex. And yes...  Red in 2016


The Bantam stick!  FLEX 50 is a hybrid.  At 60" it fills the large gap between Junior & Intermediate sticks.

Where to buy:

I just got my new Raven 40 Stick from my grandpa today and WOW….I LOVE it! I noticed the difference right away. My shots are way more powerful! Thanks for making a great new stick for kids! Watch out goalies..
— Levi Lang, Centre #10 Lethbridge, Alberta
I have just recently purchased a Raven stick for my 8 year old and all I can say is “Thank You”. The 20 flex is exactly what he needed!! Great job on creating a “tweener” stick for all those kids trying to make the jump from a youth to a junior.
— Erick Euverman – Langley, BC

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There's a Raven stick for every player